unstructured PDF content
into valuable data extract analyse structure

Key Facts

  • PDF content is automatically converted into structured data

  • The self-learning system lets you benefit from every further iteration of the workflow

  • Highly scalable for large numbers of PDFs

  • All export formats possible: PDF, JSON, xml, HTML, XHTML, xlsx etc.

  • Web application with optional data storage and APIs

From PDF content to valuable data

Getting ready for digital transformation

Most of the data in our digital world is not structured enough – if at all – for digital transformation processes, e.g. automated text generation in ecommerce.

AI supported tool

Our DATA EXTRACTOR offers you a powerful AI supported tool to extract, analyze and structure PDF content into any data format required.

Beyond simple OCR

Our solution operates beyond simple OCR. The DATA EXTRACTOR scans even complex structured PDF content, identifies the visual layout and classifies single modules.

Semantically enriched data.

Save time, resources and money while getting not only structured data, but, for the first time, corrected and semantically enriched data.

Embedded grammar parsing

With an embedded grammar parser you can align, unify and correct your data on the basis of multiple PDF documents. The analysed data can then be written into any database via API or can be exported in any format required (PDF, JSON, xml, HTML, XHTML, xlsx).

Part of SCAS

The DATA EXTRACTOR is part of our Smart Content Automation Services (SCAS).


You need examples from the real world? Learn about DATA EXTRACTOR-based solutions we developed for our customers!

Case 1: Old TDS files transformed into enhanced TDS files


You created thousands of Technical Data Sheets (TDS) in different layouts over the last decades. These shall be aligned and updated.


  1. Using the DATA EXTRACTOR, all data is extracted from the PDF files.
  2. The data is restructured for further handling in text engines.
  3. Not only homogenous bullet lists, but short product descriptions are developed.


New Technical Data Sheets with more appealing content are created: PDF files in the most recent company layout.

Case 2: Static product descriptions converted into live website content


You have many products listed in your web shop, and you want to improve your sales approach completely.


  1. Using the DATA EXTRACTOR, all product texts are extracted to a database.
  2. Your marketing agency and our content specialists develop different versions of your texts, and prepare them for usage in text automation engines.
  3. These texts vary on various factors, for example, the time of year, location as provided by browser, or shopping basket content.


As a result, your web shop contains more lively and compelling product descriptions, improving your SEO relevance and even conversion rates.

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