Turn unstructured data from any sources into structured and enriched content.

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Most of the existing data in your company isn’t structured enough to use it directly in any of your digital channels. And while you spend money to create new content over and over again, the amount of unstructured data keeps on growing. Instead of cleaning your existing data up to work with it, you create new content—resulting not only in high costs, but even more unstructured data!

But well-structured data is key to handle digital transformation processes efficiently. This is where SCAS comes into action: Smart Content Automation Services map opportunities along the content and data value chain.

Data extraction from any source, data structuring, text automation, editorial work, SEO optimization, semantic enrichment, numerous output options, multiple languages: There is no one-solution-fits-all when it comes to content optimization. Instead, with our SCAS approach we can compile any combination of tasks for a perfect result.

Our services

Successful SCAS projects combine several tasks — depending on where you start and what your desired outcome should be. We offer the following services:

Whether your data or textual content is stored in ERP systems, databases, Excel spreadsheets, or websites: We can work with it! We even created a PDF Data Analyzer and Extractor to extract and sort the data of any given PDF file.

Working with data, (re-)structuring and configuring is vital. Our content experts consolidate your data to turn it into a clean set of coherent content—the fundament for any further tasks. There are customers being happy with a clearly structured data set alone!

Working with market-leading text automation engines like AX Semantics or Retresco, we can create several text variations based on structured data. The result: automated, SEO-friendly content.

Imagine a product description automatically varied by date or season. Or a store finder based on location services. Or additional value by adding real-time weather data to your website. Or metadata containing vocabulary. We can integrate nearly every 3rd party information, and enrich your content accordingly!

Working with automated content needs quality assurance. Whether finding grammar weaknesses technically or proofreading by specialists: We will take care of your data and content quality.

Your goal is to create new PDF files? Or better texts on your website? Or an import to your new database solution or CRM system? Your needs are innumerable, and so are the output options of SCAS. We can synchronize data in real-time with any destination accessible via REST API.

Your benefits

  • Combine data from different sources for maximum flexibility
  • Start with your existing data structures


You need examples from the real world? Learn about SCAS-based solutions which we developed for our customers!

Case 1: Old TDS files transformed into enhanced TDS files


You created thousands of Technical Data Sheets in different layouts over the last decades. These shall be aligned and updated.


  1. Using SCAS, all data is extracted from the PDF files.
  2. The data is restructured for further handling in text engines.
  3. Not only homogenous bullet lists, but short product descriptions are developed.


New Technical Data Sheets with more appealing content are created: PDF files in the most recent company layout.

Case 2:Static product descriptions converted into live website content


You have many products listed in your web shop, and you want to improve your sales approach completely.


  1. Using SCAS, all product texts are extracted to a database.
  2. Your marketing agency and our content specialists develop different versions of your texts, and prepare them for usage in text automation engines.
  3. These texts vary on various factors, for example, the time of year, location as provided by browser, or shopping basket content.


As a result, your web shop contains more lively and compelling product descriptions, improving your SEO relevance and even conversion rates.

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Smart Content Automation Services (SCAS) is provided by text2net, your agency specializing in content and data management.

We have been working successfully for leading international companies since 2004.

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